Project Timeline and Updates

Project Timeline

Click here for more info on the Islamorada Transmission Main Replacement Project Work Plan.

Project Updates

Work to replace the original, 40-year-old transmission main (the pipe that carries drinking water from the water treatment plant to your faucets) in Islamorada is underway. While crews will be working (from MM 80 to 84) 24/7 Monday through Friday to replace the transmission main in Islamorada, work will pause for major holidays and events.

  • Tea Table Crossing: Approximately 900 feet of 42-inch pipe has been laid under the seabed protecting it from high winds and storm surgeTeatable Crossing 42-inch HDPE Pipe 8
  • Approximately 17,175 feet of the new cathodically protected 36-inch pipe has been laid near MM 80. This new transmission main is protected against corrosion and climate effects.36-inch Steel Pipe 3

Contracted Partners for this Project

  • Wade Trim: Performing design and construction management services. 
  • Michels Pipeline: Performing open-cut trench installation. 
  • DBE Utility Services: Performing Teatable Relief subaqueous crossing. 
  • TBD: Performing Whale Harbor subaqueous crossing.