Connection Information

The below connection packets are intended to provide basic guidance needed to connect a home to the central wastewater system and must be used in conjunction with regulatory permitting requirements and FKAA specifications. If you are unsure of which type of connection you have, (gravity or low pressure) please go to “What Type of Service Connection Do I Have?” in the Overview tab or  click here.

Sewer Connection Funding Assistance

Funding assistance is available for income-eligible single-family and multi-family housing units located in Monroe County.  For more information contact Matt Massoud, Monroe County Social Services, (305)292-4408 or

Septic Tank to Cistern Conversion Option

One of the benefits of connecting to the Central Wastewater System is the opportunity it provides to convert your septic tank into a cistern. For slightly more than the cost of septic tank abandonment you can utilize your tank to capture rainwater for use in landscape watering, car washing, boat washing, motor flushing, and pressure washing. 

Project Area Map