Reclaimed Water


Reclaimed water, also known as recycled water, refers to previously treated wastewater that undergoes extensive treatment and disinfection.  This process ensures its safety for non-potable purposes, such as irrigation, vehicle washing, and ornamental fountains.  The distribution of reclaimed water involves a distinct piping system separate from that of potable water, identifiable by the distinctive purple pipes.

In compliance with the rigorous standards established by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), reclaimed water stands as a safe and cost-effective alternative for preserving our precious freshwater resources.  Explore the following links to access informative brochures and schedules that elaborate on our reclaimed water services.

Getting Connected

Use the informative brochures to determine if you are in reclaimed water service area and evaluate if reclaimed water is right for you.  If reclaimed water proves to be the right choice for you, contact our customer service office or fill out the water services inquiry from our website Water / Sewer Inquiry | FKAA, FL.  A signed copy of the informative brochure must be  submitted to the FKAA before the service is activated.

Once reclaimed water service has been requested, an FKAA field representative will install a meter inside of the purple meter box located at the edge of your property.  From this meter, you have the option to install a locking hose bib dedicated to reclaimed water or to plumb into an irrigation system.  In accordance with FDEP regulations, residential customers  must be clearly labeled with "Do Not Drink" in both English and Spanish, accompanied by the equivalent standard international symbol.  
Additionally, all piping must be colored purple to easily distinguish reclaimed water from potable water and prevent cross connections.

After your system is connected and you are ready for the service to be turned on, please contact the FKAA and let us know you are ready for your reclaimed water cross-connection inspection.  A field representative will visit your property to ensure a correct connection and verify the proper use of reclaimed water before turning the service on.

More About Reclaimed Water

The following links will help you better understand reclaimed water and how to connect to the Reclaimed System.